Scent is the most powerful of the five senses.

In 2021, we set out to explore an idea: Could we create a fragrance that brought you to a beautiful, open wood cabin on the California coast?

We began the project with our friends from yuzu studio. After several iterations, we landed on a scent that balanced the heaviness of oud and cedar with the openness of vetiver and amber.

The project was never meant to be sold publicly. It was a creative pursuit, intended as a gift for our immediate community in lieu of a disposable party favor.

We checked that box. The reaction led to this next step…making this fragrance available to anyone who would like to experience it.

Western Disco Society is an extension of Color Theory, a creative studio founded by Max Himmelrich and Indigo Hansen. Through their shared community, they began hosting events in Los Angeles. The ‘Sea Ranch’ candle project was imagined for that community. If you’re reading this, welcome.

We are all grateful for the reception to this fragrance - it’s what led us to expand the project, and continue to chase down this idea.

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