A yuzu is not a lemon.

Yuzu is patient, ancient, seasonal, nutritious and timeless.

For 1200 years, people across Asia have revered yuzu for its flavor, resilience and utility. A food, beverage and wellness staple in Japan and Korea, yuzu's relevance in western markets is both recent and limited.

The art of yuzu stems from its complementary nature. It can support and enhance a variety of other scents and flavors - a little goes a long way. The versatility of this little yellow (and green) fruit is our inspiration for this adventure.

Yuzu. (yuzu dot) is a collaborative brand driven by seasonality. Our specialty goods are designed to complement the natural beauty of one's space, body and mind. Our local collaborations pair yuzu with the personality and flavor of the community around us.

Reach out to hi@yuzu.online to explore bespoke work and food/drink collaborations.