in early 2020, we found ourselves cut off from some of our senses, unable to enjoy the simple experience of walking into a new space and finding inspiration in its sights, sounds and smells.

what started off as an attempt to emmulate the feeling of a bop around the neighborhood became a love affair with japanese yuzu and the centuries old bathing tradition that relies on it.

we made candles for our friends and family out of the kitchen. what was supposed to be the first 'seasonal' scent in summer 2021 made its way into the hearts of the community, so we made more.

yuzu studio (FKA is a space to explore small batch fragrance projects with our friends.

we've been honored to work with partners like Atrio, Hobbyist, Lady White, Mister Green, Open Market, and Tiermarq along the way.

for 2023 we've decided to bring you our first ~permanent~ fragrances. two scents, each presented in two forms.

orchard is an adaptation of our original seasonal candle. sea ranch is a collaboration with Western Disco Society, formulated to provide warmth in contrast to orchard's crispness.

two scents, one shared intention.

to stream the accompanying playlist (3+ hours of music curated by Western Disco Society), click here.